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The Palgrave Handbook of Screenwriting Studies

The Palgrave Handbook of Screenwriting Studies

Herausgegeben von Rosamund Davies, Paolo Russo und Claus Tieber


Janet Staiger:

“This volume is not so much a handbook as an encyclopaedia of methods and approaches to screenwriting in its very broadest meanings and uses. Not only is screenwriting as an action the focus of the Handbook but so is the screenplay which exists in many forms and is used by screen workers in many different ways. This Handbook is a delightful and provocative introduction and summary, setting practitioners and scholars on very good paths for the next century of writing and studying. It is a pleasure.”


This book provides an overview of the growing field of screenwriting research and is essential reading for both those new to the field and established screenwriting scholars. It covers topics and concepts central to the study of screenwriting and the screenplay in relation to film, television, web series, animation, games and other interactive media, and includes a range of approaches, from theoretical perspectives to in-depth case studies. 44 scholars from around the globe demonstrate the range and depths of this new and expanding area of study. As the chapters of this Handbook demonstrate, shifting the focus from the finished film to the process of screenwriting and the text of the screenplay facilitates valuable new insights. This Handbook is the first of its kind, an indispensable compendium for both academics and practitioners.


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