Notes on Using the Video Collection for Lecturers

The Video Collection and the Theatre, Film and Media Studies Library will also support you in using videos in your class.

Borrowing Videos

All students and staff members (including lecturers) of the University of Vienna with a valid library card of the Vienna University Library and an active u:account are entitled to borrow videos (DVDs & VHS-Tapes) from our Video Collection. Standard loan period is 14 days, please refer to our terms of use for further information on borrowing videos. Upon request lecturers of the tfm | Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies can gain extended lending privileges, which allow simultaneous borrowing of up to 10 videos and automatic extension of loans for up to 26 weeks. Please send corresponding inquiries to

Uploading Video Files in moodle

If you wish to provide a video for all or many of the students in your class, we recommend using the e-learning platform moodle, which is available to all lecturers from the Vienna University Computer Center. In moodle, video files can be uploaded and thus made available to the students as video streams. Uploaded videos can also be demonstrated during the course directly from moodle.

Legal Notice

Austrian copyright law (§ 42g) allows providing videos (as well as texts, audio files etc.) to students in e-learning platforms under certain conditions:

  • Accessibility has to be limited strictly to the course participants.
  • The videos (and other materials) are used for educational purposes only.
  • It is only allowed for the pursuit of non-commercial purposes (the University of Vienna is not a commercial institution).
  • It is not allowed for works (videos, texts, audio files etc.) intended to be used for school or educational purposes by their nature and name.
  • As concerning films, it is only allowed if at least two years have passed since the first performance of the film, either in Austria or in german language, or in a language of an ethnic group officially recognized in Austria (Burgenland Croats, Slovenes, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Roma).

Please also refer to the instructions in the teaching manual of the University of Vienna, section "E-Learning and Copyright".

Execution of Uploads by Employees of the Video Collection

For lecturers of the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies Franz Beraus will gladly take care of the technical preparation and uploading of the desired video files in moodle. Please send all emails concerning moodle uploads to !

Please proceed as follows:

  • If not already done, please create a moodle course for your class (user guide).

  • Please enrol the virtual user "Moodle Videothek (moodlev68)" in your moodle course as "Sachbearbeiter/in":
    • Go to your moodle course
    • Click "Participants" on the left sidebar (if the sidebar is currently not visible please click  the button ≡ in the upper left corner)
    • From the gear menu on the right above the list of participants, select the option "Enrolment methods"
    • Click on the figure symbol on the far right in the line "Manual enrolments"
    • Enter "Moodle Videothek" in the "Search" field and select it in the hit list above.
    • In the "Assign role" field, select "Sachbearbeiter/in", then click on "<Add".


  • Please tell us, by sending an eMail to , which videos should be uploaded to your moodle course:

    • Please submit your upload requests at least 14 days before the date on which the relevant videos are required in your course! Upload requests that require prior purchase of a video should ideally be sent to us two months in advance, as delivery times from abroad can sometimes be very long!
    • Please limit the number of videos to be uploaded to a maximum of 15 titles per course.
    • If the desired videos are part of our holdings, please inform us of their signature and title. If several language versions and subtitle tracks are available on the video, please tell us, which soundtrack and subtitle track should be used for the video file to be uploaded to your moodle course since the built-in video player in moodle does not allow changing the soundtrack or subtitles.
    • Unlike in reserve collections, you can also temporarily provide us with your own DVDs for an upload to moodle, so we can create the necessary video files. Please hand in such DVDs directly to Franz Beraus.
    • Please also tell us where in your moodle course the video files should be inserted. You may want to set up an extra "block" for videos in advance (button in the left column, at the bottom) in your course. Note: For the built in video player to work, the video files must not be inserted into a "folder".
  • After the successful upload of the desired videos you will receive a message from us via email.

Purchase Suggestions

To a limited extent we have the opportunity to purchase commercially available videos. We can also purchase videos that are not required for class, an upload to moodle or a reserve collection, but should normally be borrowable by you and/or the students. Please first check in the online catalog of the Video Collection, whether the video in question is actually not yet available and then forward your purchase requests by email directly to Note that the processing time - depending on the delivery time for the product in question - is at least four weeks and can be up to eight weeks, for example with orders from the US. Therefore, if possible, please inform us about your purchase wishes until the end of December for the summer semester and for the winter semester until the end of July.

Reserve Collections in the Theatre, Film and Media Studies Library

As an alternative to the upload in moodle there is also the option to set up a "reserve collection" of DVDs, Blu-rays or VHS-Tapes in the Theatre, Film and Media Studies Library for your class. Items being currently part of a reserve collection can only be borrowed for one day and do not need to be ordered, but can still be reserved if they are currently on loan. As usual, those videos have to be collected and returned at the information desk of the Theatre, Film and Media Studies Library. However, our usage statistics show that reserve collections are used very sparingly by students. We therefore recommend that you consider uploading the videos to moodle as described above.

To create a reserve collection for your class please select the desired videos in the online catalog of the Video Collection and let us know the corresponding signatures (eg E5361, D2534) by sending an eMail to Please also indicate how long these videos should remain in the reserve collection for your class. For the summer semester, videos can remain in a reserve collection until the end of August at the latest, for the winter semester until the end of February.

Only videos which are the property of the Video Collection can be transferred into a reserve collection! If we do not yet own the video in question, there are the following options:

  • You make a purchase suggestion.
  • You own the video in question by yourself and temporarily leave it to us for making a copy, which can then be included in the Video Collection's holdings. This option is only available if the video in question is not commercially available (anymore). Should the video be commercially available please make a purchase suggestion as discribe above.
  • You own the video in question by yourself and make a copy of it by yourself, which you then donate to us so that it can be included in our holdings. This option is only available if the video in question is not commercially available (anymore). Should the video be commercially available please make a purchase suggestion as discribe above.

For notes on setting up a reserve collection of books, articles or audio material for your class please see the corresponding informations of the Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies Library (in german).