Room Reservations for Lecturers

  1. Select the room you want to reserve from the list below and follow the link (to moodle),
  2. Click the button New event,
  3. Insert your name in the Event title field, select "course" as Type of event; enter Date (and time); click show more if necessary and enter Duration,
  4. Click Save

Reservation tfm-Lektor_innen-Zimmer 1 (2H 412)
Das Lektor_innen-Zimmer 1 is currently unavailable!

Reservation tfm-Lektor_innen-Zimmer 2 (2H 454)
For first-time use please click on Enrol me on the following page!

Reservation tfm-Lektor_innen-Zimmer 3 (2H 464)
Lektor_innen-Zimmer 3 is currently unavailable!


Reservation Besprechungszimmer (2H 410)
For first-time use please click on Enrol me on the following page!