Video Collection: Terms of Use

  • Interlibrary loan and (e-)mailing/shipping/uploading of copies are not possible!
  • Entitled to borrow videos are all holders of a valid library card of the Vienna University Library The library card has to be shown on each occasion of borrowing a video.
    In order to be able to use the video library's online catalog and order videos for borrowing, you also need a u:account with an active e-mail address from the domain "". When applying for a library card, non-members of the University of Vienna receive a u:account without e-mail functionality. Non-members of the University of Vienna who want to use the video library are therefore asked to contact after receiving their u:card in order to receive a valid univie-e-mail address for this u:account.
  • Please search and order your videos by using our online catalog: To get into the catalog you need a valid u:account. To order videos an account (Konto) has to be created in the catalog.
  • Reservations: Videos currently on loan can be reserved via the online catalog. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the video has been returned. This e-mail will be sent to your
  • Processing of orders: mo-fr, 9 am - these orders can be collected at the Theatre, Film and Media Studies Library from 10 am.
  • Collection Period: Ordered videos will be reserved for collection for 7 calendar days (an order processed on monday morning can be picked up by next monday).
  • Uncollected orders: For each video ordered or reserved, which has not been picked up by the user on time, a processing fee of € 0.20 will be charged. Please check your univie inbox regularly or set up an automatic forwarding for your univie-address!
  • Number of videos that can be borrowed at the same time: max. 10 per user (even with 10 current borrowings up to 10 more videos can be ordered or reserved).
  • Loan period: 14 days.
  • All borrowed videos have to be returned exclusively at the Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies Library. It is not possible to return videos at the main library or interlibrary loan of the Vienna University Library! Please return the borrowed videos in the correct cases - check the signature on the case!
  • Extensions of loans have to be made by the user herself before expiry of the loan period in the online catalog and are only possible if no other user has placed a reservation. The loan period can be extended to a maximum of 6 weeks.
  • If you fail to return a video by its due date, a late fee of 0.20 euros per day and per overdue video will be charged. If the loan period is exceeded by more than two weeks your lending privileges for the entire Vienna University Library will be temporarily revoked.
  • Notifications on reservations and reminders will only be sent by email to your univie-address. Please check your univie inbox regularly or set up an automatic forwarding for your univie-address!
  • In case of damage or loss of a video a compensation has to be paid - please contact
  • Legal Disclaimer: Usage of our videos is at your own risk. The Video Collection and the Vienna University Library are not liable for any damage caused by the use of the videos (eg. on video tape players).
  • Video viewing station: During opening hours a video viewing station equipped with a DVD-, Blu-ray- and VHS-Player is available in the reading room of the Theatre, Film and Media Studies Library. Please make an appointment with the library staff.