“The Italian lovely singing that you can feel in your soul” :Fascination Belcanto today

16.12.2022 09:00 - 05:30

International conference of the European Academy of Music Theatre in cooperation with the Grand Théâtre de Genève

Starting from a fundamental exploration of the differentiation of the term “Belcanto” and a discussion of its historical scope, this conference complements the already considered singers’ educational program and its technical and aesthetic aspects mainly by focusing on the question how artists today recreate this complex phenomenon and reinterpret the particularities of historical sound ideals. How can performers reconcile historical aspects of vocal artistry and the conventions of modern singing as well as the requirements set for voices in the current opera business? How can virtuosity and credibility on stage be combined? Given the multi-perspective nature of music theatre, the conference additionally addresses the staging of the musical language of Belcanto, and reflects on the current practice of today’s performances, in particular with respect to the role of the prima donna.

Speakers: Daniela Barcellona, Peter Berné, Aviel Cahn, Guy Cherqui, Mariame Clément, Elsa Dreisig, Peter Heilker, Arnold Jacobshagen, Moshe Leiser, Damiano Michieletto, Ernesto Palacio, Andrea Sanguineti, Emanuele Senici, Thomas Seedorf, Robert Toft, Claudio Vellutini, Susanne Vill

Programming: Isolde Schmid-Reiter, Aviel Cahn




Grand Théâtre de Genève